How to Be a Successful Mompreneur in Business

Every week as SmallBizLady, I conduct interviews with experts on my Twitter talk show #SmallBizChat. The show takes place every Wednesday on Twitter from 8-9 pm ET. This is excerpted from my recent interview with Ronda Jackson, @designsby_decor. Ronda Jackson, Founder and Chief Workplace Stylist of Decor Interior Design, Inc., is a true American success story. Born in a west-side Chicago project tenement as one of fifteen children, Ronda has overcome many hurdles. The savvy entrepreneur and single

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5 successful women give advice they wish they would have taken in their 20s

They may be at the top of their game now, but these accomplished executives wish they would have heeded this early career advice. Our 20s are a time of tremendous career growth and learning. But this doesn’t come without some hurdles and hiccups, even if you ultimately end up as a successful professional or entrepreneur. We spoke to successful women about their own regrets in their 20s. Everything may happen for a reason, but if they could rewind

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How an Interior Designer Draws Strength From Her Grandfather’s Former Church

Ronda Jackson Magazine Contributor I remember Sunday mornings, growing up on the west side of Chicago: the streets quiet, the air still, my grandfather’s pocket change jingling while he opened the doors to his church. Reverend Johnnie Jackson was a Baptist preacher — rousing, animated and moved by the spirit. Whatever your troubles were, Reverend Jackson preached, if you remained steadfast and trusted God, everything would be taken care of. I am very proud of the stability and hope

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Ronda Jackson Creates Commercial Designs That Increase Workplace Happiness

A native of Chicago, Illinois, Ronda Jackson is a third-generation entrepreneur, a mother, a licensed contractor, a certified interior designer, and no stranger to hard work. Ronda Jackson, IIDA, CID is the founder and Chief Workplace Stylist of Décor Interior Design, an award-winning commercial interior design firm. Despite the challenges of raising a family and growing a business, Ronda models the successful balance of both.   What motivated and inspired you to start your own business? I come

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Nothing spoils the mood like smelly garbage

  A simple, inexpensive way to hide garbage cans is to put them behind landscaping buffers, such as tall bushes or shrubs. Few things on a residential property are as offensive to the eyes — as well as the nose — as a bunch of dirty, smelly garbage cans and lids strewn across the yard. Within close proximity of your backyard barbecue, swimming pool soirée or other outdoor gathering, unsightly rubbish receptacles can ruin the mood and create

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Overcoming the daily grind

  Installing a garbage disposal adds a tremendous benefit to the usefulness of your kitchen sink and creates less worry about what makes it down the drain. Ever think about what goes down your kitchen sink drain? When you consider all the food scraps and grease alone, it’s enough to make you shudder — and worry about clogged pipes somewhere down the road. And what doesn’t make it down the drain, of course, collects in your strainer basket,

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